Why Is It Important To Conserve Our Nature NOW?

For years, generations are coming and going on and from this planet Earth; as it is the only suitable planet for the survival of the living organisms because of the presence of water and oxygen.

Coming changes to our lives is an obvious thing as technology is growing faster and making our lives easier in sudden ways but, at the same time, this is affecting us in bad ways also.

Ask yourself, if the technology is making our lives easier then we must live longer, but the happenings are the opposite. Did you try to figure out why the rate of heart attacks & cancer has been increased by 3 times since the last few years?

The only reason is the growth in technology and the reduction of our natural environment system. And that’s why, Irrespective of living longer, our life spans are also decreasing.

We are lacking with the most important things that are required for a healthier life. Everyone is busy in the race of economy and with this forgets about the conservation of our only planet, which is not a place to visit but our home to live.

We now face pollution, deforestation, wildfires, and much more which was a dilemma at some time in earlier days. Because of the rapid growth of population, the environment has been affected to that much of level that neither we have plants, nor have lands. We run to the gyms to keep us healthy and fit and yet are not so. This all is so because of the affected environment.

Everyone is rushing for money yet people are dying with scarce. Day-by-day water is decreasing from its level which has been now at the verge to end soon. No one ever thought that there can even be a time when we will have to buy the water as well and that so at that much high prices just because of the scarcity of water.

Saving our environment is not only our duty but must be our priority. We all know that there will be no life if no resources will be left (as they are limited). Not only human beings but every other creature is suffering in this lacking of biodiversity.

We expect our further generations, but no one thinks that if the things will keep going on like this, then how they will survive. Might be you are getting the enough for yourself today, but from where will your children get?

We need to prevent it today only, for the FUTURE. There will be no future if there are no resources. And today, we are living, so only we can put our hands to rejuvenate our environment.

Let’s consider it as “MY” responsibility to take care of the environment for own self, and when we’ll do it in this way, we all will be together itself.

It won’t be going to charge a penny from you but requires the simple changes in your lifestyle.

Let’s each one of us plant trees to improve the quality of air;

Let’s stand against deforestation;

Let’s stop throwing waste around;

Let’s make our environment a healthier one;

Let’s make it a beautiful planet;

Let’s Go Green!

We are a part of the environment; if it gets affected, then only we are getting affected.

Sakshi Nagar

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