Are Pink & Blue the Colors, Or a Myth?

Have you ever thought of why to buy pink for girls and blue for boys? If I’m not so wrong, these two are only the colors, then why have we distinguished them; that so based on gender? Have you ever thought about it? If yes! Then why do you still do so? And if no! Then you must have given a thought to it and should try to figure out a reason for that.

Okay, let me go to help you with this!

According to the studies and researches, it had been found that women are better in differentiating between different shades of color, similarly as they have a better sense of detecting subtle changes like hearing and tasting.

Researches have also concluded that women have a sensitivity to detect Red color and its various shades, particularly. And if we look in deep, pink is just a lighter or pale shade of Red.

Keeping this in mind and based on such researches, the clothing companies started manufacturing “pink for girls and blue for boys”, that later became a norm and gender color association.

But these gender norms do not reflect some or any inherent biological difference between the sexes. Or do they?

Asking this, you will get different answers depending on whom you ask. But, if being asked me, my answer is absolute ‘No’. They are completely culturally constructed.

“Blue for boys” and “pink for girls”, we’re being told not to be biased but still differences being made everywhere, either by parents – at the time of the birth of the baby (by buying different but fixed colored clothes and toys) or by any other means, say manufacturers of those clothes and toys.

Most of the times, a child grabs the things more quickly according to the environment he/ she is surrounded by, rather than the things told to them. And since his/ her birth, we keep on surrounding them with the same color norms depending on the sex that sets their mentality for distinguishing even the colors as for genders.

And when they grow up, this rule keeps remaining in their minds, which again keeps bounding them in between the association of colors.

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I wanna add a line –

Colors are the power that directly influences the soul, and every color obtains an energy that spreads some message to us’.

So, don’t let your child be bounded in between those 2 or 3. Just let them listen every message, that a color wanna spread.

Let your child live in colors but don’t let color live in your child.

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