Summer Activities that Can Never Be Out of Fashion For You; If Are a True Indian free

Summer vacations has already started and also has reached to its mid as well. You definitely will be enjoying these precious days in your own vary ways. But here is a bucket list for summer fun which everyone does perform once during their whole plans. And this is that one list of things and activities, which might never be missed by anyone during their summer vacations. So, let’s cross check them,

Playing Games

You would be thinking that playing is an obvious which a child do. Yes, you are right! But it’s not like that. The thing is everyone from the family also get indulge in the activity along and get become a child with child.

And I must include that Carom is a must playable game during the day time or for some indoor games, and Badminton is that one for which they wait for all day long as when it will be eve and we’ll go out for it.

Eating Watermelon

If there is any fruit that can satisfies you during such high UV alerted days then, it is the one n only, “Watermelon”.  And it’s that one which can never be missed by anyone whether they are at a pool party or having lunch at their homes only.

Visiting Parks

When schools are opened, children don’t get that much time as they could manage schools, tuitions and everything appropriately. So, how can they miss parks when they are at off now?

Waiting for the long hot day to get cool, and then rushing as soon it strikes 5, creates an own fun in itself.

Taking Shower Twice a Day

It’s not only about lukewarm and sweat, and so one bathes twice a day; but it’s a custom for us to start taking shower twice when it and if it is summer.

What a liberation it is to sleep after a shower at night?

Going to Maternal’s Home

It’s a must do task that is done which gets into the list of summer vacations, since the new session starts.

Getting Scolded for Holiday Homework

There is nothing to hide about children that how spontaneous they are. And so getting scolded during vacations for completing their holiday homework is in loop for decades.

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Playing in the Pool

Wooah… How breezy it sounds and even breezier it is when we do this. An entertaining day in the water, is like lustering when it points summer.

Going Out of Station

It’s too common among Indian families to plan a trip during vacations and so for hill stations mostly, as to get some relief from these hot days. And it’s really good too for as anyhow but it is possible now that you are spending time with your family and also gives a break from your daily routine.

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