Who We Are?

We are the individuals, who believe more in experiences and thoughts rather favoring the majority, rituals, trends or should call them possessions. We believe every other individual has his/her own thinking ability and thoughts which may differ from others.

And so, www.perceptionist.online, is a digital initiate which aims to hear every individual and share their non – identical beliefs and perception.

What We Do, and What is Our Aim?

We respect the thoughts and experiences of every person and every creature. We are here to listen you and your stories and make them reach to the audience (world).

Every other thought and experience is precious, as no one knows whose thought might change the whole life of some other.

How We Work?

We are the individuals, or call us a team now, as we are going to share things with each other and will try to establish community of unity, by making a difference.

How to Publish Your Post?

Directly put us a mail of post at [email protected], and we will respond you back within 24 – 48 hours.

Self publishing posts are yet in development phase, and is going to be launched soon.

Reach Us

We are always here to hear you. Feel free to contact us regarding anything; we will be pleased and honored by this!